21 Crazy Things You Can Have Insured


If you’re a responsible person, you almost certainly have already got insurance policies on your home, possessions, health, and vehicle. People with dependents also are knowing carry life assurance . But there are a bunch of other weird or simply unexpected things which will be insured, as well. inspect our list of crazy things people prefer to cover, and skim all the thanks to end to make certain you haven’t left any gaping holes in your family’s protection.

1- Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs

Everyone wants their big day to be just perfect, but actually , something always goes wrong. There are tons of moving parts to events like weddings and bar mitzvahs. Luckily, you’ll purchase special event insurance to hide things like damage to the dress or photographs. This coverage is particularly useful if you serve alcohol at the event, as inebriation tends to cause damages. and eventually , if you’re forced to cancel the event at the eleventh hour , a special event policy will a minimum of partially cover the value of lost deposits.

2- Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has become a really business , with players wagering large sums of cash on the performance of varied players. to form the sport just a touch less risky, a couple of insurance agencies now sell fantasy sports insurance. If one among your key players in injured, you’ll be eligible for reimbursement of your entry fee and associated fantasy expenses.

3- Kidnapping

In some parts of the planet , kidnapping is business . If you’re traveling abroad and worry about your safety, there are policies available to hide the prices related to being nabbed, including the ransom. Big businesses often purchase this coverage for his or her key people; the richest among us are especially vulnerable and should carry the coverage as a precaution.

4- Prize for Capturing the Loch Ness Monster

This is not a policy you’ll buy, but you’ll be the beneficiary of a $2.4 million prize if you capture the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Underwriter Lloyds of London provided a policy in 1971 to whisky company Cutty Sark for this incentive to monster-hunters. The deal is that any monster said to return from Loch Ness must be a minimum of 20 feet long and have its legitimacy verified by the explanation Museum in London. Plus, Lloyds gets to stay the beast.


5- Damaged part

Some people legitimately make money off their bodies, like athletes, celebrities, and models. The irreparable injury or loss of a key part would have serious financial consequences for these people, in order that they often insure specific parts of their bodies as protection.

6- Special Talent

Slightly different than insuring a specific part that’s utilized in commercial activities, insurance on a special talent is usually employed by singers, athletes, or entertainers as a sort of private workers compensation. This coverage protects them if they get hurt while on the work . Another similar sort of insurance protects wealth earned from that special talent, in order that there’s less incentive for anyone to file spurious lawsuits against the poor superstar .


We don’t often believe the worth of the landscaping when purchasing a home, but if you had to shop for all those plants directly , it might cost plenty . Some homeowner insurance policies will cover landscaping that’s damaged during a fire, flood, or vandalism. If yours doesn’t, you’ll purchase additional coverage within the sort of a rider that specifically covers your precious plants.

8-Multiple Births

Giving birth is insanely expensive in countries without socialized medicine, and therefore the costs skyrocket if it’s a multiple birth. If twins run in your family, you would possibly consider purchasing a supplemental insurance policy to assist cover the value if you’re so blessed – but it’s a risk because you’ll got to purchase the coverage before even getting pregnant.

9- Alien Abduction

If you’ve got money to burn, why not protect yourself against the threat of alien abduction? The UFO Abduction Insurance Co. has offered $10 million in coverage to anyone who wants it since 1987, and says they need actually paid out before. Alien abduction is hard thing to prove though. Luckily the policy will only cost you a one-time fee of $20-25, counting on if you would like digital or paper delivery.

10- Game and Event Prizes

In any game of chance or skill with various cash prizes, the organizers back the very fact that the most important prizes won’t be earned. Take a golf tournament for instance . If you would like to supply a cash prize for a hole-in-one, you’ll naturally be hoping that no-one gets one. But what if quite one person does? There are insurance policies to hide the value of prize packages.



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