10 Companies That Offer Health Insurance For Part-Time Workers


10 Companies that provide insurance For Part-Time Workers
Part-time gigs or temp jobs are an excellent thanks to make some additional money on the side. In fact, it’s become a replacement fad among millennials trying to find a salary but also want to pursue their other dreams. Finding a corporation which will pay you an honest salary is hard though. Finding a corporation that pays you an honest salary, and offers insurance for you and your partner is nearly unprecedented right? Not really, these 10 companies do exactly that.

10 Companies that provide insurance For Temp Jobs

1-Whole Foods

If a corporation like whole foods that was worth quite 11 billion as per market price didn’t make this list we’d be surprised. Whole Foods Offers employees who work 20 hours or more, and have successfully completed their probation period insurance , life assurance also as paid leaves. The cherry on top of the cake would be the 20% or more discount they also get in the least stores.


While they’ll only pay $9 an hour to part-timers, there are plenty of other benefits included within the job. Benefits that include insurance , medical insurance, dental and vision payments. The insurance payments reach their domestic partners also .

3-Allegis Group

Aerotek, because it was formerly known, may be a staffing company that hires quite 100,000 part-time workers within the main company also because the subsidiaries. Each part-time worker that completes quite 20 hours every week with an honest record and has completed their probation is applicable for insurance benefits from the corporate .



If you’ve worked at Starbucks for quite 240 hours over 3 consecutive months and currently work for quite 20 hours every week at any of their stores, you’re eligible for whats referred to as their special blend. An employee policy that has health benefits.

5-United Parcel Service

UPS offers its part-time and full-time workers with an equivalent amount of advantages which incorporates health, medical, dental and more.


If you’ve logged quite 180 days of service working 24 hours every week you’re eligible for the amazing benefits Costco provides its employee. They even have a better minimum higher salary than many other companies within the retail space.


Hourly pay is like that or Whole Foods and insurance benefits at Lowes are similar too. Part-time employees are eligible for pharmacy discount cards, dental insurance, also as health benefits.

8-Activision Blizzard

One of the highest 100 companies to figure for, Activision Blizzard the sport developer is additionally great to its part-time employees. If you’re employed for quite 30 hours every week here, you’ll avail all benefits of their insurance plans. Even your relations are covered to up to 80% of the medical costs.


This delivery company is superb to its part-time employees and deserves a spot on the list of 10 best companies to supply health benefits to its part-time employees. aside from the amazing insurance they also provide their part-time employees with paid training for quality improvements.


The chain of retail stores is widely considered one among the simplest retails chains to figure for albeit you’re a part-time employee. almost like most companies on the list if you’re working quite 20 hours every week you’ll avail the advantages of their incredible health plan.

Working as a temp are often very fulfilling for a few who don’t want to be caught up by the 9 to five life. Even better if you’ll find employment in these companies that provide excellent benefits to their employees.


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